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Times Square - Theater District

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Mike at Nathan Philip's Square
aforster Photography, Colour
Rose at Nathan Philip's Square
aforster Photography, Colour
Machu Picchu Main Square A mixing of feelings when we reach to the top. The same when we have sets ourselves goals. I took this shot in "Machu Picchu - Lost Inca's City" on January 2002 at the end of an exhausting, but outstanding trekking. I used a Canon 505 camera. Originally 10 X 15 jumbo photograph size. An unbelievable experience in the highlands of Peru...
Latin Photography, Colour
Times Square Self explainitory...another depicting NYC.
Artchickliz Painting, Oil
Victory square Obelisk to Hero City Minsk was open on the 4th of July, 1954. This monument was erected to Soviet soldiers and partisans who died the death of a hero during World War II. Obelisk is 38 meters and topped with the Order of Victory. The very square where it's set is called the Square of Victory (previously the Round Square). Four sides of the...
Julili Photography, Colour
Washington Square This is Washington Square in North Beach, San Francisco, California. A lot of good artists and poets hang out here.
clarita Photography, Colour
Sommerset Square
smuntasir Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Al-Korba Square This is the Korba square just so close to the baron's palace. In 1931 Egypt was still a part of the British Empire and many foreigners were living here since long. Famous stores were mainly owned by the French and the Greek. This explains why you see the name of the shop in the picture written in French. French also was the language of...
The-Eloquent-Warbler Photography, Black and White
Red Square Russia- Red Square.
djoja Photography, Colour
Bustling Times Square This is one of my favourite pics from NY. The whole atmosphere of 'the city that never sleeps' is very well conveyed in the shot: busy streets seething with activity, the flashy video advertising and the diversity of population.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour