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Photography, Colour
Pushkin Statue This statue of the Russia's greatest poet and writer, Alexander Pushkin, is outside one of the campuses of the Far Eastern State University.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
amah Photography, Black and White
The Statue of Shiva in Murudeshwar, Karnataka The photo was taken during a car trip from Kerala to Mumbai with my family. The moment I saw the statue it just struck me numb with wonder. It was really huge and yet so life like. The statue is of Lord Shiva (also called Murudeshwara), the destroyer among the trinity of Brahma(creator),Vishnu(preserver) and Shiva in the Hindu Mythology. I am...
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Peter the Great's statue A statue of Peter the Great
arkaleel Photography, Colour
Main Statue of Peterhoff This is the main statue of the Peterhoff Palace "pond"
arkaleel Photography, Colour
The Aghamemnon twin statues The Aghamemnon twin statues stand as the protectors of the Nile's west bank in Luxor.Date: 1992
aymanelhakea 3D Graphics
statue of woman oil on canvas. 2004
bfs99 Painting, Oil
Czesky Republica Photos from Vashalav Castle
Tags: castle, statue, grape vines, mountains, czech republic, gibraltar
darhcik Collage
Statue Faces Urbanites
Karis Photography, Black and White