Submissions (19)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Oriental Still Life This painting was a work of colors and lines and how they come together, straight and sharp against soft and smooth for a wonderful combination.
angelwing Painting, Oil
still life vase
antbarron Mixed Media
Груши в ведёрке (40x50) Pears in a bucket Масло, холст, груши, ведро, импрессионизм, натюрморт, современное искусство,Oil on canvas, pears, a bucket, impressionism, still life, contemporary ar
Tags: масло, холст, груши, ведро, натюрморт, oil on canvas, pears, a bucket, impressionism, still life, contemporary ar
baltina Painting, Oil
Still Life Stage Just a pear on a stage for all to see.
Boston12 Drawing, Pencil
Still Life
Daisies913 Painting
Still Life II oil and acrylic on canvas 65x55 cm
galerijaivetic Painting, Oil
Pomegranates Pomegranates, Watercolor, 12,8x18,5 inch, 1989, 310 Euro.
Tags: fruits, pomegranates, still life, realisme, germany, watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Bouquet of Corn-Flowers Bouquet of Corn-Flowers, Caparol, 31,1x23,2 inch, 1990, 770 Euro.
Tags: flowers, useful articles, bouquet of corn-flowers, still life, realisme, germany, still life, caparol
heiste Painting, Acrylic
Bouquet of Foxgloves Bouquet of Foxgloves, Caparol, 29,1x21,5 inch, 1990, 970 Euro.
Tags: flowers, bouquet of foxgloves, still life, realisme, germany, caparol
heiste Painting, Acrylic
Still Life Oil on canvas, 53cmx74cm, 2010
jamorenof Painting, Oil