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Human Rights Violations can be stopped also in Germany( pl Help) I know this is not easy for the world to believe.But that is the point! Germany builds its buildings of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS on the innocence and ignorance of the world We all have thought Holocaust was Yesterday.But it isn't!! It ended up with DEATHS and PAINS But what after that??Peace? Freedom? Prejudice, intolerance and denial of...

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TOOTHLESS TIGER - Help end the abuse of captive BIG CATS! Nikita was used as a photo prop for years, he had his teeth and claws removed and was chained in place while people could take photos and touch him. Please help us put a stop to this kind of abuse by taking just a few seconds to click on this link and vote for BIG CAT RESCUE.
Tags: tiger, liger, lion big, cats, abuse, help, stop, trade, illegal
1BigCatRescue Photography, Colour
Stop Discrimination Against Women The education and empowerment of women is a critical tool for poverty reduction and development. Women must be given a voice and a place at the political table over things that affect thier lives.
aimarshall4u Photography, Colour
Stop the Chop! We need to stop cutting down trees to help combat climate change!
Tags: climate change
Aisha-Maalim Drawing, Pastel
we must stop it I think we must stop this catastrophic changes!
Alexeyyyyy Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Stop the Fire This art was created by a eighth grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Pencil
Sawat Stopa This is historical Stopa in sawat valley Village Singardar Breekoot
arq Photography, Colour
Stop Child labour Stope child labour To do something to stope the child labour need to made polocy to stop child labour
arq Painting, Watercolour
Stop Child Labour
arq Painting, Oil
Nature Can't Stop Wonder Everything in nature is simple and looks similar. But it is not. The sundown looks like fire or a volcano.
aydosmuratbaev Computer Graphics
Stop talking on mobile Many are used to talk on mobile while driving. And very often we see an accidents happen due to this reason. In order to educate this concept this small video made.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated