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Pavilion Study Centre - businesses in the High Street

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Figure Study 2 This piece holds no special meaning to me, I just like it alot. I did it while attending the University of North Texas during one of my figure drawing classes. I like the look of an unfinished drawing, mainly because I believe a drawing, or any art, is can never be completed; I'll always have some way of improving it.
ajcolorado Drawing, Crayon
Study Time! Study time with tea!
amitk Photography, Colour
Eye Study 1 Eyes are very intruiging and so this started the "eye studies"
camarogurl13 Ink, Pen
Twentysomething, still studying... writing paper... about Zizek... please listen: Jamie Cullum-twentysomething After years of expensive education, a car full of books and anticipation, I’m an expert on Shakespeare and that’s a hell of a lot but the world don't need scholars as much as I thought. Maybe I'll go travelling for a year, finding myself or start a...
Ceren Photography, Colour
Why studying more? "Why studying more? To be a real human?"
Ceren Photography, Colour
Late Night Study How many all nighters have YOU pulled or will pull? Coffee/tea/hot chocolate, what’s your fuel? Study hard and do your good deed for the day: less garbage on earth! And hey, you might even save a buck or two at the rate you're going!!! See in store for details, whatever coffee shop you are at, some charge you less by helping out! (By Ahmed)
chengzhao1993 Photography, Colour
choyg8 Painting
DaniB Mixed Media
Study 2
DaniB Mixed Media
Study 3
DaniB Mixed Media