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Submissions (13)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Bridge Supports 'One in a series of Black & White, travel photographs.' A.G.S.
amity Photography, Black and White
Dreams for Women 2 Featured in the International Women’s Museum, the Dreams for Women postcard art project has attracted worldwide attention and interest, garnering media attention and submissions from as far away as Japan, Germany, Brazil, France and Los Angeles. The Dreams for Women art project asks women and men of all ages to depict their hopes and dreams for...
Tags: women, feminist, support, future, dreams for women
areaume Collage
Support my School Artist(s): Abhisek Prava Subhasree Sribidya Organization: Youth for Social Development Description: This child is a school dropout and needs support to attend school. His school has poor infrastructure for a reading. There are many school like his school. Schools need support to fulfill the right of a child for education.
ayv Photography, Colour
Hope, light & support There are millions of children and youth around the globe that are living in extreme poverty, that do not have access to education, to health and do not enjoy the benefits that the modern society has achieved. In this circumstances UN is an institution that gives them hope, that lightens their road to future and supports them now. These two kids...
geugenius Photography, Colour
Childrens Support Care Support and help young kids and children to grow in a comfortable happy environment.
jalbert Photography, Colour
Childrens Support Child support
jalbert Photography, Colour
Support Young People Supporting Vanuatu young people and providing opportunity to occupy their time so they are not bored and involved in crime activities.
jalbert Photography, Colour
Tunisian soccer supporters Tunisian soccer supporters
marouen Photography, Colour
IKenna's Teddy In World Support. My art work above makes it clear that the solution in solving the global mosaic, the unfortunate ills that befall the war ravished areas, the outcome of environmental disturbance and other detrimental factors lies in our hands. Therefore, my teddy tells me that i have a responsibility to contribute in pursuit of making our global earth a home...
Marquee Drawing, Pencil
Support Iran: Our Votes Iran's Elections! 12 june 2009 Where is my free cat?! ---------------------------- از فراز بامهاشان شاد دشمنانم موزيانه خنده هاي فتحشان بر لب بر من آتش بجان ناظر در پناه اين مشبک شب من بهر سو مي دوم گريان از اين بيداد مي کنم فرياد ، اي فرياد
Pedram Computer Graphics