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Urban Sustainability: Frame Your City A city is an infinite collage of spaces that are constantly in transit and motion. Gaps often go unnoticed and build a new landscape that is blurry and out of focus. The ‘urban’ lives and breathes in between these gaps, relations between places and people, that also often go unnoticed. It is all periphery put in focus only by our gaze, as...

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HABITAT-Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE". THE STEP for sustainability. We have found one of the branch of the Milky Way spiral-spiral galaxy. The Material and energy in journey in spirals. It Is Encoded in our nature DNA. Using spiral principle DNA for design of the houses. The Priority Project-author of the patent in 1991 "Folding frame-based shell netted rotation and model to usefulness of the...
JURI Computer Graphics
The Significant industrial principle for sustainability future - a structure DNA. The Priority Project-author of the patent in 1991 "Folding frame-based shell netted rotation and model to usefulness of the certificate No. 8380, 04 E B1/343. THE INITIATOR - SHEVNIN YURIY purpose of the project:production shell netted rotation (principle DNA). Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE" is an unique educational ambience for student. The...
JURI Computer Graphics
Sustainable Equation ! How do you define sustainability? How do we define sustainability? There are perhaps a 1001 different answers to this simple question. I found mine in this simple equation.
Wangchuk Computer Graphics
Sustainability I put all the ways we can help our planet become sustainable. Every little thing is important.
dfox Drawing, Pencil
Fabric Frame: Environmental Sustainability
phunkyhippie Mixed Media
Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability Created by Paige, Kelta, Casey, and Chris.
thesweatervest Painting
Sustainability Sustainability of development is an integrated framework that work cooperatively.
kiriroth Painting, Acrylic
Which Future Would You Prefer? This painting presents the same young girl in two different scenarios; the first in a future where society has taken on sustainable practices, and the second in a future where business has continued as usual and the human race is suffering the consequences: climate chaos.
Tags: green, wind turbine, electric car, life boat, tornado, neglect, disaster, saviour, society, flood, storm, snow, sunshne, waterfall, sustainability, environment, youth, landscape, love, nature, global warming, climatechange, children, art, paintings, stillife
Chelmo Painting, Acrylic
Food Sustainability Among President Yar'Adua's 7 point agenda, Food Security take its place as the most important off all the point. I was taking a stroll around my neighbourhood and found this young girl sweating it out in a farm near her home. I did have a Digicam so, I decided to try this out with my phone. Its important to encourage young people to get...
manpo2k Photography, Colour
Green Sustainability No matter how many buildings we put up, how many internet connections we set up, we have to save some space for farmers. They are the real heroes. They feed us. Without their working hands, we will die.
Katea Photography, Digitally Manipulated