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Submissions (3)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Brushing Our Teeth This piece shows that sometimes even while we are doing something for ourselves that is important we must also be aware of how it effects the environment.
dfox Drawing, Pencil
Beaver Self Portrait I am inspired largely by the “natural” world. Throughout my work, I tend to explore the relationship between the natural and built environment. During my years as an undergrad, I have come to associate myself with a beaver. My love for the Canadian wilderness, interest in outdoor adventure, hard work ethic, craftiness, openness to challenges,...
Tags: beaver, portrait, tail, teeth, camping, canoeing, glasses, natural, identity
artrageous Painting, Acrylic
Brushing Teeth Soldier provides dental hygiene education... "Don't eat the toothpaste". Please visit Childlight Foundation for info on how you can help.
epiphyte Photography, Colour