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to the temple this is a pen drawing of women going to the temple......
Bahai Temple Bahai Temple at New Delhi, India. This stands as an icon of peace & serenity in the world.
Temples of Yjog Jakarta YjogJakarta is the palce in Java Island of Indonesia. It houses the world famous Borubodur temples, temples built for Buddha. Presented here are some of the snaps of the temple. It is said that these temple is the largest in Asia. The architecture here is resembling the architecture that is found in India and other parts which has the...

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Front View of the TEMPLE OF TOOTH- Sri Lanka This is the front view of the most holy place for Sri Lankans and Buddhist all around the world. This is known as the temple of tooth where Lord Buddha's tooth relic is kept.
Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Temple of the Tooth The Temple of the Tooth is one of Buddhism's most important pilgrimage places. The temple, which is in Kandy, Sri Lanka, has the tooth of Gautam Buddha. The tooth is in a casket in the first floor of the temple complex, which is a cultural icon of Sri Lanka. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple everyday and this number touches hundreds of...
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Lantau's Taoist Temple Lantau Island may just be famous for the world's largest outdoor seated Buddha statue, but it also the spiritual heart of all of Hong Kong's religions. At the base of the Lantau Buddha lies this beautiful Taoist temple and monastery. Incense is lit throughout the day and the fragrant smoke is set to ward off negative energy in the air.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Sinking Temple This temple is probably the most unique of all the temples on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Japanese Temple in Sarnath The Japanese have brought a piece of their culture to Sarnath, by constructing this beautiful shrine.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Temple graphic 2d 3d " temple" by H. I.
Artvif Photography, Colour
Colosseum of the Luxor Temple The huge colosseum of the Luxor Temple consists of huge granite pillars. This photo was taken in June 06'.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Pillars and their crowns at the Luxor Temple If you are standing inside the Luxor Temple's colosseum, and direct your view upwards, you should be stunned by the size of the pillars, and by the size of the horizontal granite beam carried by each row of pillars.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
A pigeon sleeping inside one of Luxor temple's pillars The Luxor Temple has been over thousands of years an official habitat for many species of birds. This pigeon has found "safe heaven" in that pillar for spending its night!
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Temple of Hatchepsut This is an aerial view from an air-balloon, of the Temple of Queen Hatchepsut, located in the West Bank of the Nile River, near the city of Luxor. Photo was taken from an air-balloon in June 06'.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour