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Historic Tornado Hit NYC Fall 2010

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Tornado Pattern Be there and let others be there too. Red as blood, yet varies in colors as to allow hope. In pattern to allow regularity and equality. Violence is the language of those who are still learning to become human. Violent language is the property of those who lack wisdom. Humanity is so great, but unhuman human beings make it difficult to prosper.
jrh000 Computer Graphics
Which Future Would You Prefer? This painting presents the same young girl in two different scenarios; the first in a future where society has taken on sustainable practices, and the second in a future where business has continued as usual and the human race is suffering the consequences: climate chaos.
Tags: green, wind turbine, electric car, life boat, tornado, neglect, disaster, saviour, society, flood, storm, snow, sunshne, waterfall, sustainability, environment, youth, landscape, love, nature, global warming, climatechange, children, art, paintings, stillife
Chelmo Painting, Acrylic