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Budapest traditional foods

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Suit can be replace traditional Indian costumes at wedding, but not the usage of Rice at Wedding This is the picture at my friend's wedding. In south India, all important functions have some thing to do with RICE. Espically in the wedding function there is very prominent use of Talambralu ( Rice mixed with Turmeric ), it is auspicious to use rice in order to shower blessings on the couple and over all the Hindu marriage constitutes...
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
Palestinian Culture-Traditional Wedding
areej Painting
Ghana's Traditional Kente Cloth Author: Emmanuel Marfo Organization: World Partners for Development Ghana One of our exhibition piece, Ghana Kente Cloth. Kente was developed in the 17th Century A.D by the Ashantis in Ghana, West Africa. Kente is a hand woven material, and is used not only for its beauty but also for its symbolic significance. Kente pieces are bought by many...
ayv Photography, Colour
Traditions and progress It is their lifestyle
Chups Photography, Colour
Tunisian Traditional dress Tunisian flag and traditional dress
CNAB Photography, Colour
Trees for change,traditional beehives & honey bee forage ! The pictures were taken in Naivasha-Kenya.Just to show another important use of trees !
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Our culture through infant eyes Very sincere and optimist young child!
Tags: youth, smile, hope, love, culture, tradition, clothes
Hafedhbenmiled Photography, Colour
Kamoro Young Man in His Traditional Attire His name is Elias Mimiyau. He's going to take some pictures with personal handy.
harya Photography, Colour
Cooking the Traditional Way Urban people in Asia still practice cooking using dried woods. Food is tastier and made faster.
Tags: food, traditional cooking
heifezi Photography, Colour
Rhythm within tradition Come to Zambia and you will feel it. You will have 72 different tribes to sample our african diversity and the lovely thing is, we have never had a civil war or threat of one. WHEN WE SPEAK, WE SPEAK AS ZAMBIA "RHYTHM WITHIN TRADITION"
Kanji Photography, Colour