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Budapest traditional foods

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Religous Traditions This young girl will soon follow her mom by wearing a burka instead of a hijab (something she doesn't want to do)
ms-Monisha Computer Graphics
APPARAT Moroccan Costume Scenery in Moroca with young girl dressing in traditional clothes
Tags: morocco, tradition, costume, tribal, girl, africa, north
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
traditional hurt
magyc Flash Animation
Welcome to the Romanian Tradition Created by students ages 10-11 years old at Mihai Viteazul in Braila, Romania.
PTPIGYM Painting
Palestinian Culture-Traditional Wedding
areej Painting
Suit can be replace traditional Indian costumes at wedding, but not the usage of Rice at Wedding This is the picture at my friend's wedding. In south India, all important functions have some thing to do with RICE. Espically in the wedding function there is very prominent use of Talambralu ( Rice mixed with Turmeric ), it is auspicious to use rice in order to shower blessings on the couple and over all the Hindu marriage constitutes...
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
Traditions Cutting a grass was still a tradition 50-100 years ago in my country. women and man gathered together and were cutting a grass by hand, and some women made a luch meanwhile. these traditions are dying too fast, machines do all the man's work. our group of scouts wanted to revoke this tradition, and many others, so we gathered together and were...
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Traditions and progress It is their lifestyle
Chups Photography, Colour
Tunisian Traditional Door On the doorstep of Sidi Bou Said!
Slaim Photography, Colour
Yellow Tunisian Traditional Door Dar Le Baron D'erlanger!
Slaim Photography, Colour