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Submissions (14)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
The Jet Trail
bishakha Photography, Colour
Dinner Parade Trailer Grad Film Trailer for Emily Carr University 2009 by Gillian Cole - will submit full film but cannot post full film online yet.
Tags: gillian cole, dinner parade, eating, consumption, religion, marxist, evolution, devour, devouring
gilliancole Mixed Media
Narkwa Trail
kwessy Photography, Black and White
Inca Trail The man and the nature. A path between the Andes forest across "Inca's Trail" in Cusco - Peru. A took this shot with a Canon 505 on summer 2002.
Latin Photography, Colour
In my trail A red trail drawing a circuit into the main paths of Wien - Austria. People waiting their ride with this metalic mechanism and for taking a glance of the city through their wide windows. I took It on August 2003 - Austria.
Latin Photography, Colour
Rocky Mountains It reflects my personal Canadian identity because I believe that the nature in Canada is an important aspect of being Canadian. The rocky mountains are the most known mountains in Canada, which is why I encorporated it into the artwork. I also believe that the beauty of nature should be preserved for later generations.
Tags: canada, rocky, mountians, grass, trail, flag
RachelleP Mixed Media