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Aphrodite and Caesar Augustus as Siamese Twins
sandramonday Painting
yinyang - 2010 Both yin and yang cannot exist without each other or stand alone. They depend on each other for definition and can only be measured by comparing themselves to each other. They achieve a state of balance by mutual control and inhibition. The balance is neither static nor absolute, but is maintained within certain limits. When one aspect goes to...
Tags: yin, yang, naked, yoga, urdhva dhanurasana, sacred geometry, twins, circle
Karmym Painting, Acrylic
Twins A cute shot of my sister and I has been enhanced to give added weight to the scene. Only the milk bottles remain in colour, shifting the viewers gaze.
Jarra Photography, Digitally Manipulated
raining on the twins being apart can often feel as miserable as being conjoined.
inabunk3r Photography, Digitally Manipulated