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Capturing Community "What does your community mean to you?" We're calling all friends of #RisingYouth to submit a piece of visual art that answers that question. Visual art can include painting, drawing, pastels, digital illustration, photography, chalk etc. The submission must be good quality, static image of your artwork. e.g. if you painted...
Community Red Cross Youth Helping in times of disaster
داربلانكا راديو مجتمعي على الإنترنيت Darblanca Community Webradio Station داربلانكا راديو مجتمعي على الإنترنيت Darblanca Community Webradio Station
Community Stories Collage
A Community of Kindness
My Films About Community Building I am really passionate about community and peace building. Here are some of my videos about my local and international actions. I have also included random vids from little fundraiser projects. A wide range here.
Clean Me Quick buisness for Howard Community Center
Ending Impunity for Violence against Women Thursday 8 March was celebrated as the International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations was Ending Impunity for Violence against Women For many of us, this theme may strike a cord in our core nerves. We have either experienced, witnessed or been affected by violence against women in our society. According to Dr. Sam Thenya,...
Images of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) What would make your personal community better for all? Answer to this question always comes from the person asked. ABC4All shares info. You decide!
Love . Peace . Unity Have a moment of rest, peace in your heart... let your soul fly with joy --- *welcome* to my digital photo exhibition...

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Global Unity Political boundaries today designate the overwhelming amount of inequality and the uneven global distribution of resources. If we can achieve the MDGs, the essence of international relations will be revolutionized. No longer will ecosystems, our health, and our economic well being be jeopardized by globalization. Rather, we will be able to use...
kmswann Computer Graphics
World Friendship Bridge One of the biggest problems in the world right now as described by the iEARN 2010 youth is racial intolerance. This one problem is the root that branches out to become many of the other problems that ravage our world: war and poverty. Only through education and learning of one another’s culture can we bridge the gaps between our peoples. That is...
Tags: multiculturalism, diversity, unity, peace, world, bridge, globalization
Araf Painting, Watercolour
Life in the Hills of St Elizabeth Photographer: Latoya Jackson Artistic effects: Khaiwana Williams This picture symbolizes the love our young people have for each other, as the picture shows a young boy providing shade for a young lady
Tags: love, unity
Khaiwana Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Unity in Diversity Created by students ages 12-13 at "Andrei Muresanu" Secondary School in Deva, Romania.
Tags: peace
PTPIGYM Mixed Media
Unity in diversity Superimposition of all religions
Tags: cultural expression
aadishatripathy Painting, Watercolour
United The coming together of races adn colours. They come together and creat ONE
Tags: unity
augustqueen8 Painting
erioch Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Community Effect Artist(s): Smauel Medhat Organization: Heritage Conservation Think Tank Description: It is about the blind people and how others see them; he wants to tell others that the blind people can do things like they do and have abilities and talents; not only eyes see; heart do too!
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Healthy Community, Health Life By Gyan Mary Adobe Youth Voice submission on healthy community.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Light of All Lights For the individual, the first sense of belonging is felt with family. Thus, this image depicts two caribou: a mother and child. The two are contrasted against a dark background to depict the security and hope given by the knowledge of acceptance.
Tags: belonging, family, unity
CMbaga Photography, Digitally Manipulated