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Submissions (40)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Cows - Division Las personas que toman la leche de la vaca - división, terminan separándose
NAKATA Cartoons
Potatovision-1 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that what is thought to be a Russian national symbol - potato - was first called here a "ground apple" and even a "devil's apple" and treated with hostility? :) By the way, potato is also a genetic "relative" of tomato and a semantic "relative" of truffles!
Roness Collage
Potatovision-2 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that people in Ireland eat more potato than any other people in the world? :) Probably, they like it even more as potato can turn GREEN in the bright light!
Roness Collage
Potatovision-3 UN International Year of Potato: Do you know that potato was a reason of many international events, including at least one industrial revolution, two potato wars, and one potato riot?
Roness Collage
Gumnuts and the Inner Vision Inspired by the work of Eric Valric, I exchanged my brush for a mouse, creating a self-portrait with a difference. Gumnuts is a combination of photography, brushwork, 3D modelling and digital manipulation.
Jarra Computer Graphics
DIVISION ....0.... -------- the "division wall" ....0....
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Man's vision This about the human who is thinking about him & him & himself. he is alway's in his circle only with thinking which never stops.
sac Computer Graphics
Distorted Vision
Daisies913 Drawing, Chalk
Integration Between Divisions. Education is a tool that intergrates between divisions. The art work is done byJuma Hussein 16 yrs.Than you very much.
Mulei Drawing, Crayon
Integration Between Divisions. The image indicates the only common domain among the global races.Food and the idea to share a meal in a party, gathering can break successfully unite people regardless their race or culture.Thank you very much.
Mulei Drawing, Pastel