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Submissions (40)

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A Palmist Vision... A Palm Tree grows according to its’ exposure to substantive watering. By the seconds, its’ root tap deep into the soil to get life into its stock. The Beginning of the palm tree can be said to have been turbulent, as seen in the bent nature. Nevertheless, its’ growth is consistent. A this stage, no climber would want to climb, but rather awe...
pscornerstone Painting
A Romantic Vision of Me A romantic vision of me in a gown that is wonderful and beautiful in many levels...
diana7 Painting, Acrylic
A vision of Peace This drawing is an indication of Education as a peace keeping tool. Education provides information understanding, and expands social circles.It is a social justice and a right, inclussive in ICT. Grace. E-mail "It is impossible to shut out dust" Education is available in various venues. Peer to peer, community...
Mulei Drawing, Pencil-crayon
ANgel of Dreams and Visions This angel represents all those who dream of positive change through their vision. Thanks for your efforts to break down barriers through art, contributing to peace iin our world.
mgarcia Painting, Acrylic
Avision of division. The image is done by Juma Hussein and indicates the tolerance of poverty and femine. drawing, and water painting.
Mulei Drawing, Pencil
Challenge and Achivement - The Vision A challenge begins with a vision.
Tags: vision, leadership, achievement, goals, love
diana7 Ink, Pen
Cows - Division Las personas que toman la leche de la vaca - división, terminan separándose
NAKATA Cartoons
Distorted Vision
Daisies913 Drawing, Chalk
DIVISION ....0.... -------- the "division wall" ....0....
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Double Vision A doodle made in class that turned out unexpectedly meaningful.
Miranda-Zhou Drawing, Pencil