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Iraq and the two wars It breaks my heart the way the world lives these days... When I just look to that tragic example of Iraq,that country of beauty..or that's how it seemed to be before the 90s... and now,for more than 12 years they're sufferring....First,the cruellest gulf war in 1991,then the painfull sanctions &fnally the tragic end of a beautifull country...
yarinos Cartoons
The war Continues on ARV's in Africa Even though africa has got acess to the ARVs there is still the problem of Ahernce to them since there are those who still cannot afford even the fodd or water to take it with and to even get them they have to go to long distances to get them what a pity!
9090 Cartoons
Footsteps Towards Green Happiness This art piece is created to encourage people to work towards a sustainable life by controlling our CO2 emissions. The two large 350s signifies the safe upper limit of CO2 in the atmosphere. The footsteps are personified; they smile for the better environment. The small decorations in the background also indicate the happy life in the greener...
Jessicazshiny Collage
Warning 11 x 15 Digital photographic collage
ecmarrel Collage
Global warming This is a poster I made to raise awareness to global warming. It represents a Polar bear on a melting iceberg, with a dried out background. Let's hope well will never get that far.
Julie1606 Collage
Blue whale, Warm climate This is a student's artwork about environmental pollution with human waste entering the ocean and leading to global climate change.
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean, plastic, pollution
sjflynn Collage
Pray for Warmth Caught in blisteringly cold weather on a snow capped mountain. What would you pray for?
Spadrick Computer Graphics
Abandon War
Angel_on_broomstick Computer Graphics
War in Nepal for identity Nepal is in deepening crisis, due to the seven years of long deadly internal conflict between the government and the Maoists. More than 6848 people lost their lives in connection with "People's War
shakti Computer Graphics
Wars for israel Along with israel, some countries in the world took part in the wars against the innocent countries for greater israel.e.g.Arab israel war. As a result thousands of pepole were killed or suffered. There is cloud of oil. which has encircled the earth. Now their blood is of pink color due to mixture of oil as there was also a war for oil....
haroonmalik Computer Graphics