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warming up

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Another Warm, Sunny Day in Bombay! A cruise on the Arabian Sea off Bombay Harbour can be a real refreshing experience. The Gateway of India and Taj Mahal hotel are in the background
ajay78 Photography, Black and White
Blue whale, Warm climate This is a student's artwork about environmental pollution with human waste entering the ocean and leading to global climate change.
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean
sjflynn Collage
Effects of global warming Art by Patel Parth Natubhai, belonging to scheduled tribe Dhodia, Gujarat. School: Kharel Education Society Navasari , Gujrat supported by Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust. Description: Parth is expressing the problems of pollution, rampant deforestation that is taking place in the name of development in India. The rural interior...
Tags: india, gujarat, Dhodia Indigenous tribe, Kharel, Navasari, global warming, climate change
clannapurna Painting
Global Warming The earth needs to have trees to make it beautiful and a good place for human beings to live in. Cutting trees is a threat to our planet. We need to conserve our environment in our daily lives.
ckarsgaard Painting
Global Warming The people in the drawing are showing that factories are one of the main causes of global warming.
ckarsgaard Painting
Global warming How to tackle Global warming
Tags: #globalwarming
clannapurna Mixed Media
Global Warming Global warming.
clarita Computer Graphics
Global Warming In my artwork, its is showing the difference of our planet earth with and without global warming. It also mean that our government can still prevent it. Love earth, protect earth, save earth... Where would you prefer to live?
dandaniel37 Computer Graphics
global warming Protect the mother earth...
lyndonhate Computer Graphics
Global Warming Strengthen the ozone layer to prevent global warming!
ezragois Computer Graphics