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Warsaw's Castle Square A historic square in front of the Royal Castle – the official residence of Polish monarchs.It is a popular meeting place for tourists and locals. The square is surrounded by historic townhouses. On the square is a column of King Sigismund III Vasa from 1644.
gpjwarsaw-jank Photography, Digitally Manipulated
New Town Market Place in Warsaw It was formed before 1408, as the main square of the Warsaw New Town.In World War II, during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the square was completely destroyed, 80% of houses were completely demolished, including the church. After the war, the square was reconstructed in the 18th century style. A 19th century well was located in the southern part...
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Warsaw New Town townhouses Historic townhouse (kamienica) with paintings. Kamienica is a Polish term describing a type of residential building made of brick or stone, with at least 2 floors. The name comes from the Polish word "kamień" (stone) and dates from the 15th century.
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gpjwarsaw-jank Photography, Digitally Manipulated