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Water Stewardship 2015
My Water Assignment
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My Water Assignment
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My Water Assignment
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Water Dream water lets save it
Water World 2 The need of water will soon force us to start saving water and using it wisely.
Water World The need of water will soon force us to start saving water and using it wisely.
Water Conservation Water Conservation is crucial, especially in specific areas of the world, and we need to be aware and take of our water resources.
Deepwater Horizon: 2010 Oil Spill Approximately 126.3 million barrels of oil have leaked into our oceans. What does the British Petroleum oil spill mean to you? Does it make you Angry? Sad? Hurt? Worried? Paint, sketch, take photos, illustrate, design, sculpt, or use any other medium to portray the oil spill through your eyes. Add your opinion to the discussion on this issue...
The Value of Water On June 5, the world was celebrating World Environment Day. The theme for this year is "Water -- 2 billion people are dying for it." As a community that is aware, participates in discussions and strives to take action on global issues, TakingITGlobal ran June 2003's Global Gallery contest focussing on water. The title of the...
Water The begining of all, the essence of us, the great suspension of the fluid of life

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Water Everywhere…….. Name of the Artist: Prakash Mor (supported by Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust) Age: 23 Address: Chinchale, Dahanu Block, Palghar District, Maharashtra, India. Tribe: Hindu-Warli Title: Water Everywhere…….. We are witnessing heavy rainfall in the past few years; Due to...
Tags: india, maharashtra, Warli Indigenous tribe, global warming, climate change, urbanisation, floods
clannapurna Painting
When Water Dries Up In this traditional Korean painting, grass is gradually dying from drought, as well as the writing above.
Hajin Painting
Summer Nights F1.8 Film Camera Ricoh KR-10 I feel that this artwork reflects my Canadian Identity because the viewer can see that this is not an ocean, but the Okanagan Lake. Perfect for tubing on in the summer without the worry of landing on coral. The Okanagan Lake is one of Kelowna's main attractions for it's beauty.
Tags: lake, water, sand, castle.
scotty1101 Photography, Colour
Water This video was created through the AYV program at Project Seres. "This beautiful piece of work manifest youth concern about water access in Santa Marta community in El Salvador. A compilation of testimonials about water access and a documentation of what is left. This video was produced by youth from Santa Marta, El Salvador. As a part of the...
ayv Mixed Media
'Save Water'- Rap song Fourth grade, Suncity School, India. Our enthusiastic Fourth graders went live at the India Water Week to spread the message of water conservation. They used art and rap to deliver a powerful message to everyone about saving water.
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, pollution
clannapurna Mixed Media
Save Water A multidisciplinary awareness campaign to save water by students of Suncity School, Gurgaon, India.
Tags: save water, pollution, environment, green, clean, Suncity School, india
clannapurna Mixed Media
Water Shortage “The Water Shortage” The Old dwarf woman queues with other community women for the scarcity of water has drawn heavily on them. They always come with their containers to queue early for water to reach them. This has caused them so many problems. They have lost their strengths, weight to inadequate water and insufficient water supply. There was...
World Day of Water 2007 I wanted to illustrate the World Day of Water. I used a picture I took this summer in Tunisia. It is a three near from water and water reflects the tree, it is very beautiful.
sarahtoumi Computer Graphics
save the last DROP! The water below represents virtually all the water in the world, but some segment has been rendered unusable (unsafe, undrinkable) as a result of the dumping of pollutants into it. The drop falling from above represents the only source of fresh water to the world, but it may also be exposed to the similar harmful human activities towards the...
Tags: water, environment
franhil Computer Graphics
Construct Water Ways - Save Lives UCHECI MERE UDONSI, a JS 3 student of The Lords College Keffi, is illustrating the effects of floods in her community which is as result of lack of well-contrusted water ways and some human activities like dumping refuse inside the waterbodies and drains which causes Flooding thereby destroying lives and properties.
Tags: flooding, water, drainages, Save Lives
jojoblossoms Computer Graphics