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A Polluted World - Just a Memory of our Future I painted this the night of August 19th, 2009 after reflecting deeply about what our earth could look like in 50 years from now if humans do not act immediately and with urgence to preserve the precious environment. This painting depicts a very toxic, polluted world that I envision if the human race fails to act to successfully combat ever more...
Tags: environment, pollution, water pollution, climate change, global warming, polluted, green, eco, smokestacks, catastrophe, life, memory, future, prevent, ugly, dead, fish, toxic, toxins, poisonous, painting, acrylic, anger, landscape, sludge
AndrewCanada Painting, Acrylic
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover My artwork reflects the world around me and the subjects that move and inspire me.
Tags: pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, industrialism
clannapurna Mixed Media
Polluted Water Without Water all creatures will disappear from the face of the Earth. Let's keep our Rivers, Lakes and Oceans free from Pollution
Tags: water pollution
Portugal2021 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Water Pollution Unfortunately Jaipur Lake in Rajasthan is now very polluted. The rise in population has increased pollution in this place making the water of the lake a health hazard.
sharka Photography, Colour
Water Pollution We have to protect our Water resources
Tags: Biodiversity; Ria Formosa
Portugal2021 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Water pollution in the Nile River This cartoon explains why in 2005, it has been reported that 13,000 Egyptians suffered from kidney failures. The quality of the Nile waters has been the primary suspect.
aymanelhakea Cartoons