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Window on the Information Society A revolution is taking place and you are an inevitable part of it. People, ideas, issues, and cities are interdependent, and they are being connected at unprecedented speeds. Distances are narrowing and horizons expanding, as access to the world is constantly at our fingertips. Today, human beings are submerged in an era of knowledge,...

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Hair in Wind I made this sketch on Artrage.
buca15 Computer Graphics
Celastrus Capricorn (Wind) 100x100x3cm
abiliciouz Print
Monkey in the window Its a monkey, in a window
Justin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Behind-A-Window Even realities look as illusions when looking to them behind glass!
Adiib Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Old Window Old Window in the old city of Tunis.
moustafahussein Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Window Looks like a window of the nature.
Pinkiehn Photography, Digitally Manipulated
نافذتي الخضراء - My Green Window نافذتي الخضراء.. The photo express a nature in small country in Aman - Jordan, this is my Green Window
suad Photography, Digitally Manipulated
sight with my home window
mirboy Painting
Window to the World
kwessy Photography, Colour
Window to Interpretation Humankind and Nature: Limits of Interpretation
hbanai Photography, Colour