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Winter ABC book
Hackley School in winter
Winter in Sakhalin Sakhalin Island experiences extremely cold winters, when temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius. A white blanket completly engulfs the island from December till March.

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Зима /Winter
Computer Graphics
Winter Winter Technique: Painting Size: 100x100 cm Material: acrylic on canvas Finish: framed Price: € 1450
abelien Painting, Acrylic
Walkable only in the Winter These giant rocks are actually 3 kilomteres away from the sea-shore and can only be accessed in the winter when there are layers of snow and ice on the sea.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Winter is Coming! With snow clouds in the skies, Sakahlin sees the last days of the Golden Autumn.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
A PROMISE OF WINTER hamlets alongside snowy mountains.
Tags: landscapes
artforever Painting, Oil
Winter in lilac This is a favorite place to walk, 'The Huddersfield to Manchester Canal' it was built to carry coal and other materials in the Industrial Revolution and has now recently been re-opened for the narrow boats to spend lazy days!!
chriscyprus Painting, Oil
Toronto Winter City Show Acá les presento un collage de imágenes del Toronto Winter City 2005. Fue un muy buen espectáculo con mucho frío y acompañado de Ruth y Victoria, a la salida de las oficinas de TIG :-)
damianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Winter Shows man holding on to a tree in the cold of winter.
e-phillip Drawing, Pastel
Winter Seagulls Atlantc Ocean Shore, New York, December 2003
elrick Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Eric Seenarine's favourite photo. A sunny afternoon at the neighborhood of Jefferson side road in Richmond Hill.
Tags: favourite, snow, winter, trees, sunny, blue, group, b, groupb
ericseen Photography, Colour