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Women's Rights: To Be A Woman Each woman should be equal in her rights to every other woman and man on Earth and, far too often, this is not the case. Discrimination is not only a history, but a process that is fueled every day. It goes beyond categories, builds categories like walls, and uses words like fences; Discrimination ignores basic rights and needs to be...
Ending Impunity for Violence against Women Thursday 8 March was celebrated as the International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations was Ending Impunity for Violence against Women For many of us, this theme may strike a cord in our core nerves. We have either experienced, witnessed or been affected by violence against women in our society. According to Dr. Sam Thenya,...
a women
Women: Self Worth This photo to me depicts a womans determination, strength, as well the struggle they go through in life. Women all over the world suffer from discrimination, torture and pain, from this picture I see the value a woman has and the control over her own life. The assertiveness in women who have been oppressed for so long.

Submissions (102)

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"Women of Wisdom"
Ranna Painting, Acrylic
a women
salma86 Drawing, Pastel
Afghan Women
Payab Painting
African women Three Yoruba women
Kush360 Painting
African Women and Landscape This was a painting I gave as a present to someone. I was experimenting with the proportions that you find in nature, of one part being one and half times that of the other, in the composition. Oil painting, 45cm by 37cm
camilla Painting, Oil
authority for women Audia position, authority for women to minus extinction of your biology, muesli text
Tags: women, biology, global, extinction, authority
Cures Computer Graphics
Beautiful Women This video was created through the AYV program at Project Seres. "A short documentary about the Elder wisdom talking about Lake Atitlan. A mystic and involving documentary that will take you close to Guatemalan identity as mystic as it is."
ayv Mixed Media
Bird-Man at the beach Bird-Man at the beach, Oil on Canvas, 49,2x39,4 inch, 1993, 2400 Euro.
Tags: beaches, animals, bird, sea, women, nude, men, bird-man at the beach, surrealisme, germany, people, oil on canvas
heiste Painting, Acrylic
Different Cultures, All Women!
INA-al Photography, Colour
Dreams for Women 1 Featured in the International Women’s Museum, the Dreams for Women postcard art project has attracted worldwide attention and interest, garnering media attention and submissions from as far away as Japan, Germany, Brazil, France and Los Angeles. The Dreams for Women art project asks women and men of all ages to depict their hopes and dreams for...
Tags: young, women, girls, skin, colour, racism, dreams, dreams for women, antigone
areaume Collage