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COMUNIDADES MARAVILHOSAS - THE WONDERFUL COMMUNITIES This image was created by the AYV Geo Lead Program in Rio. Uma singela homenagem aos moradores de comunidades do Rio de Janeiro, pois em nossa visão nas comunidades também há muita beleza. A simple tribute from us to the inhabitants of the slum communities of Rio de Janeiro, for in our perception the beauty of Rio de Janeiro can also be seen...
ayv Mixed Media
In a new world Its basically a picture about a girl wondering around in a new different place where everything seems different. It could represent the people who move a lot and how each place is very new and lost it is for them.
Tags: in a new world, new world, change, moving, peace, indian, art, google, wonderful, amazing
Katriven Drawing, Pencil
Keys Meadow wonderful children in GPJ All of these children in the picture has shown very hard working for this project I am very proud with the determination and enthusiasm towards sustainability. Thankyou Guys!! ;) ;)
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Relax, It's A Wonderful Day
wahooe Photography, Colour
Some Kind A Wonderful this is a portrait of a girl, that's all i have to say about her! she's a girl... :)
breslin Drawing, Pencil
The wonderful life of Santos=Dumont A little more than 100 years ago Brazilian inventor Santos=Dumont performed the first night flight on Parisian skies. Here in Brazil we consider Santos Dumont the man who invented the airplane. On Nov. 12, 1906, Santos-Dumont flew in a kite-like contraption with boxy wings called the 14-Bis. 722 feet on the outskirts of Paris. It was the...
luizpagano Painting, Oil
What a Wonderful World This was taken on Canada day. Don't forget to love Mother Nature :P
Wawawa Photography, Colour
What a wonderful world! WE are living on a paradise. Don't destroy it!
Tags: beauty, nature
teresadicurzio Drawing, Pencil-crayon
amjadz Photography, Colour
onenlaw Computer Graphics