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Colliding Worlds
thecavallogallery Painting
Worlds Largest Finger painting (100X50 feet) A group of student artists, both local and international, are working non-stop on what they hope will turn out to be the world's largest finger and foot painting. The project is being worked on at the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on Scott Road. Artists paint for peace Scott Stanfield Their message is simple - we all laugh and cry in the...
painting Painting
Between worlds Take a look onto the other side, the other world. See something through someone else's eyes.
Emilyp Photography, Digitally Manipulated
"Virtual Worlds" v2 "My imagery has become increasingly non-objective with no recognisable subject matter, the subject being the imagery itself. Non-objective art explores the potential of abstraction, the shape, depth, colours, tones, lines and texture, but does not try to pin down a subject. This lets the viewer respond emotionally to the piece. My vocabulary of...
pcooklin Computer Graphics
Worlds Collide I took some digital photos of these public sculptures last summer while in New Orleans. (Sorry, I don’t have any info about them…creator, date… Maybe someone on TIG can help?) I recently combined 2 of the images on my computer. The lines remind me of fingerprints. As every fingerprint is unique, so are the celestial bodies.
GregoryM Photography, Digitally Manipulated
two worlds this is a 2 worlds as different so close to each other. Cause there are no good or bad things quite, everything has as good so bad qualities.
jenisesbolganov Painting, Watercolour
Go on to new worlds The final of life and beginning of how I will be
syg Photography, Colour
Contrasting worlds This shows how the forests are changing within no time, there are no more trees
Tags: forests, trees, deforestation
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil