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The Art of Partying My take on several Christmas parties of different agencies and organizations as well as Barangays all over Catbalogan City during December 2009. the story behind the merriment... Location: around Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines
Playing for Peace Playing for Peace is a Global Gallery collection which showcases how sport can act as a bridge between cultures. Every four years, the Olympics offers an opportunity for the world to put aside its' differences and unite around sporting excellence and friendly competition. Submit your art work celebrating the joy of sport and you could win...

Submissions (101)

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Cacao Sun Drying A photo of Cacao drying in the Dominican Republic sunlight.
Amac Photography, Black and White
Human desires are Destroying the Earth This artwork is inspired by the issues that are happening around the world, the sole cause of climate change is because of humans. Human activities have been harming our planet, our home. We shouldn't be destroying our only home just for human desires.
Andrei-Jardin Computer Graphics
Mazar BABA SAYIN NOOR KHAN (Badna,Kisana,Fatae Jang) Mazar BABA SAYIN NOOR KHAN (Badna,Fatae Jang) 40 KM from Islamabad
arq Photography, Colour
The playing girl Well with mum to play!
arturkazazian Photography, Colour
Ocean Dying #DECARBONIZED Ocean dying slowly because of pollution
AshtonLuna Cartoons
Clouds flying over the Salloum plateau El Salloum plateau is located at the Egyptian northwestern corner, near the Libyan borders.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Stop Bullying Artist(s): Poornima Heshadharani Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Description: Poornima thinks bullying is an attitude problem to gain attention of others. She uses the concept of a film poster to express her view on Bullying.
ayv Computer Graphics
bullying Artist(s): Gerardo Vladimir Rosales Cornejo; Stephanie Yamileth Díaz López Organization: Asociacion CONEXION al Desarrollo de El Salvador En este afiche los jóvenes hacen conciencia sobre las consecuencias de las practicas del Bullying en nuestras comunidades, es un problema serio y delicado del cual muchos niños y jóvenes no están consientes,...
ayv Photography, Colour
Bullying Artist(s): Santiago Olivera Organization: Guildford School of Languages / La Voz de los Jovenes This project focused on the needed to stop Bullying.
ayv Photography, Colour
Bullying Artist(s): Yamila Blanco Organization: Guildford School of Languages / La Voz de los Jovenes This project shows a girl bullied and how is taken as fun.
ayv Photography, Colour