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Virtual Citizenship, Real Safety The internet is a place to explore, a mode of communication, a source of information. Many people find and thrive along the information highway, rounds its curves and linkages. Others find a venue for expression and nodes to give voice to their opinions and creative thoughts. People go online to find the latest news, download media and link to...

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Nanzenji The garden as heart
piccori Photography, Colour
Calm My defining moment occurred a few years ago when I experienced a difficult time in my life. The mental and physical tolls were almost overwhelming and I nearly gave up my university education in Arts Education. When I felt nothing else helped, I turned to find solace in nature and I embraced a new focus on personal wellness. Being outdoors...
Tags: yoga, wellness, blue, exercise, body, mind, calm, stretch, focus, meditation, zen, natural beauty, clean, air, water, land
durellstudio Painting, Acrylic
ZengHuiZhi Xie’s Manor People usually say that a fairy tale princess has a beautiful castle,and I've been dreaming of one manor which belongs to my own. In a day of blue skies, imaging that warm sun shines on the whole piece of grass. House plants and trees, a luxurious villas, the wheelbase Lincoln car. Oh, its sounds more like a beautiful garden or golf course. This...
JiaHuang Mixed Media
absolute zen don't think.
derekmartin Computer Graphics
Zen A representation of the simplicity and minimalistic component of zen spirit.
tuppies Painting, Acrylic
Frozen Rose
Alycia Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Camping by the Frozen Sea Russians love the great outdoors and brave the coldest of temperatures. This camp is by the frozen Sea of Okhotsk in March, when nighttime temperatures can drop to twenty degree below zero (Celsius).
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Zenobia Zenobia was the Queen of an ancient pre-Islamic Arab kingdom called "Palmyra", now in Tadmur, Syria......and she was a typical Queen-warrior. The cartoon was published with an article about Zenobia, in the "Caravan" newspaper.
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Das Stockholmer Stadtzentrum Wunderschön! Ich war im Mai in Stockholm und es war wunderschön!
matic Photography, Digitally Manipulated
MeatIsMurder Photography, Black and White