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ATARAXIA The title of this piece of art -Ataraxia- describes itself the message of the composition in a surrealistic way of pictorial expression.Ataraxia reflects the quietness of a woman's soul in a world that stumbles, depicted in a scenery of mystery and dream.
cybermutante 3D Graphics
Jarra 3D Graphics
martinch 3D Graphics
Light of Day
Spadrick 3D Graphics
Peace cool
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Midlifeloki 3D Graphics
ONE EARTH ONE ORIGIN Diverse results can start from one origin.... no matter whats your face ,no matter whats your race we belong to the same origin we belong to the same earth.......
hebaz 3D Graphics
Britannia 55 BC Book cover created for a novel by writer Steve Newman. Characters modeled with Poser and rendered with Alias Maya. Trees, sunset skyline clothing, hair, skin textures and special effects painted with Photoshop. There is much more detail in thi image than what you can see here.
Infinitee 3D Graphics
AIDS Doesn't Kill, TB Kills! HIV/AIDS does not kill, tuberculosis kills. It is a matter of human disability, a state of the mind, the inability of humanity to confront a disability that confronts it. A world that allows for ability and disability. Testing and knowing makes the difference. Tuberculosis kills as much as HIV/AIDS. It is a disability.
ekwuruke 3D Graphics
Cleopatra out of space Cleopatra out space face part 1 this is a giant size 3d animation poster of the the mega super star singer diva producer director the world no 1 multi-genre musician the one and only queen of the Nile... Cleopatra
cleopatrasinger 3D Graphics
light and shade Light and shade in conformity to the worlds within,ordinary designs made meaningful towards avenues of sight of entry and departures.
chrisbull 3D Graphics