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I Want To Be There I want to be there when the people start to turn it around, when they triumph over poverty, I want to be there when the people win the battle against AIDS, I want to lend a hand… (Hugh Masekela)
nyonibothwell Ink, Pen
United We Stand The saying goes united we stand divided we fall, like gears if one of them malfunctions the whole operation fails.
veronicah Ink, Pen
Water Shortage “The Water Shortage” The Old dwarf woman queues with other community women for the scarcity of water has drawn heavily on them. They always come with their containers to queue early for water to reach them. This has caused them so many problems. They have lost their strengths, weight to inadequate water and insufficient water supply. There was...
my unique art work fishhh
ayenaaz Ink, Pen
butterfly 7 ballpoint pen art
babis1 Ink, Pen
Dust Series Untitled 4 My artwork tends to fall into a state of personal reflection lightly touching political and social ideals; using creativity to work through my life and break down any limitations I have of myself. Engaging in my past experiences I am able to express unstable knowledge, in particular to my service in the Military and of our presence in...
jessicalynnw Ink, Pen
Wild Creeper This picture is about the environment.
monicanarla Ink, Pen
krishna and gopi d
lope Ink, Pen
music is divine Welcome to the world of music
gpjmumbai-alexanderj Ink, Pen
The new kid I showed 5 groups in my drawing, Smart people, cheerleaders, hipsters(?), music lovers, athletics. I also showed a person in the middle with question marks. I showed how belonging look like with my 5 groups of people that you can find easily at any of the schools across the United state, or the most of schools in the earth. They are standing...
Tags: High school, gossips, drama, cheerleaders, gicks, athletics, music lovers, hipsters, belong, new, lonly
happyjyi0925 Ink, Pen