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Collage Created with water colour medium.
Paese che vai usanza che trovi 'Countries that you visit, customs that you find. This is the cover of a children's italian literature book that I wrote for a school project.' -VL
lavittoria Collage
The two faces of life I feel that life is made up of two faces, a happy and a sad one. Both are very important parts of life. Life is not a bed of roses, on one hand we have war, pollution, conflicts etc... which is the sad face and on the other hand we have laughing children, Technology, the vast flora/fauna which is the happy face. <br /><br /> <br /><br /><br />...
Maitreyi Collage
One World
jenergy Collage
In Depth
lavittoria Collage
Life in Bombay Bombay the city where I reside is a potpourri of various Indian cultures, societies and probably an amalgamation of them all! To experience it, I
ArunN Collage
Cricket is Life India by far I have seen is the most Cricket crazy country in this world. The World Cup season going on every Indian household is talking about cricket. If you go for a walk down the lane you see children playing cricket, shops are filled with bats and balls, and other world cup goodies... and when there is a match the whole country is glued to...
Maitreyi Collage
Ying Yang I created this poster out of bristol board and it reminds me of the importance of balance.
jenergy Collage
ronette Collage
Untitled 6, 1999
Frana Collage