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"Doom" In "Freedom" I used three different colors of lipsticks to color them.
EnnaLiu Collage
15 Seconds to change
Seyram Collage
A better world and a longer life On the left side there is the real world , the world we confront with every day.We can find there a lot of useless spaces which can be filled with grass, trees, parks as we can see on the right side of the collage.We have tried to show a contrast between the real world and the ideal world.The first picture on the left is the House of Parliament...
Tags: green
upi Collage
A Community of Peace Created by students ages 5-11 at Virginia S. Young Montessori Magnet Elementary in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2006
A Crazy, Culture Compilation Created by students ages 11-12 years old at Verdin High School in Cheshire, United Kingdom.
A FUTURISTIC TAKE This price shows how the world will look if every thing is very hight tech. Smoke free cars and with even stray per homes. It also shows how secure the neighborhoods can be when there are robot guards.
globalgallery Collage
Aborigines of Faith This collage is dedicated to the schismatics of Siberia and the Far East who are also known as Raskolniks or Old Believers. They were originally oppositionists to the church reform held by the Patriarchy Nikon in the 17th century. They really had to resist the conversion and flee to the wildest districts, were persecuted and resettled till the...
Roness Collage
Abortion Kills To start, I apologize if this offends anyone, there is no intention to offend otheers. This is an inspired piece that shows my views of abortion abortion and how it is a dark part of America. Although a controversial work, I am proud because it is my voice. There is a light, lovely happiness on top and it fades into the darkness. The mother with...
labellasorella Collage
Alimentar la mente para combatir el Hambre El collage expresa como se debe luchar para educar a los jóvenes a alimentarse bien y evitar la comida chatarra que tanto daños hace al organismo humano y al medio ambiente por los desperdicios que se arrojan a él así como las afectaciones del cambio climático a los cultivos
danielbb Collage
All together! Collage... We can create a better world... all together!!
solange Collage