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Mother and daughter This is a drawing I did as a gift to my Gramma (my hero). I think the love and sacrifices of a mother is shown on her face.
Robin-hood Drawing, Pencil
Language as Violence - Media It has been observed that the more one is exposed to violent media especially children they tend to make it part of their behaviour. Media therefore, by extension is a language presenting violence.
Bwire Drawing, Pencil
Woman with an Umbrella In my pictures I like to show human life and the struggle against evil. This is one of my works on this theme.
marina1990 Drawing, Pencil
Life ! Life, it’s to easy to be drawn, yet too hard to be interpreted.
Alligator Drawing, Pencil
komthra Drawing, Pencil
In the eyes of a refugee One of my first attempts with pencil.. which is not a long time ago. I found the reference picture at a McGill Site. here it is:
adiab Drawing, Pencil
OUR WORLD It's a cartoon which depicts what is going on today.
zainab159 Drawing, Pencil
my sketch sketch of legendary reggae, bob marley
Tags: bob marley
empunk Drawing, Pencil
I'am just kidding I watch a romance film yesterday and she said that to her boyfriend...then I drew this hehehe
justbe2free Drawing, Pencil
cute it heheheh
justbe2free Drawing, Pencil