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Submissions (10)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
A restaurant in Athens A street in Athens lined with seafood restaurants all facing the water.
clarita Holography
Acrylick© Part two Acrylick© "LA All Day Long" (LA-Lagos-Nigeria)
Krest9 Holography
cupboard washing bowl in the toilet
Tags: tig
art23 Holography
Luisa13 Holography
frame mirror frame
Tags: tig
art23 Holography
Holo Pool... This piece is from a series of Holograms with a water theme. My idea was to recreate the fluidity of water through the median of holography. Holography is created using lasers to imprint a sense of depth on a single film plane... A.G.S.
amity Holography
I must try again I am sure i can get it so i try again
syg Holography
Me at historical building That's me! This is a historical building with a statue of Zappa as you enter to the right of it. It has an open ceiling. Our friend had a dance performance in this building,
clarita Holography
areej Holography
TIG sea Surfing....
awaqeel Holography