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Where lies my Peace. A man has been faces by a crisis and needs an intervation from the government. Instead of getting help, he is told to mind his own safety.Thus conflict takes the better of our communities for he will try to solve it in his own ways and by nature going physical is the only solution.<br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> This artwork represents the...
Bosibori Drawing, Charcoal
It is in our hand
kasumitendo Drawing, Charcoal
Going out Going out, Salvation, still not knowing what waiting behind the curtain? Placenta? Leaving the darkness moving into the light? Leaving the fake safety and be born again into a new brighten world? Go out to Freedom .
Alligator Drawing, Charcoal
Rashedah Rashedah, a bedouin woman… Wondering, Asking, what will happen to her future which faces all these changes and transformations? She wonder if she could take a step forward and civilize her life without effecting her culture? but!! What about the people around her? Are they going to accept what she is doing? What if then she move aside and go...
Alligator Drawing, Charcoal
melbaz Drawing, Charcoal
H.I.V Theme:How stigma and discrimination affects young people living with HIV (S&D.
Tags: s&d, charcoal, artwork, aids, hiv, conte
Rhine-Dexter Drawing, Charcoal
The Chariot on the chariot the warrior is arjuna the disciple of lord krishna who is teaching him the truth .
paras8 Drawing, Charcoal
Save the Polar Bears This art was created by a fourth grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Charcoal
La naturaleza y la mujer El dibujo representa la imagen de una mujer que llora por las afectaciones que tiene la naturaleza por el efcto del cambio climático
Tags: environment, nature, climate change, global warming, earth, art, #savetheplanet
danielbb Drawing, Charcoal
Save the sea to see the future. Saving the sea to see the future as our future lies in our oceans. Saving the sea reduces carbon emission and reduce the impact of climate change. Without our oceans, we only have 30% of the earth left. We depend so much on our oceans that it's impossible to live without it.
kylaresha Drawing, Charcoal