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Submissions (154)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
3D Hand-Drawing This picture is about a pair of hands I drew on cardboard.
Tags: raneem fares, 3d drawing, hand drawing
raneem1 Drawing, Charcoal
:: SKETCH =- 8
Spadrick Drawing, Charcoal
abstract a way to bring many parts of the world, food, and culture together into one piece. in perfect harmony. the way it should be.. viewed as equal.
melbaz Drawing, Charcoal
abstract nude I found a cool web site that had great black and white photos of nudes with a high contrast of light and shadow. These photos made for great subjects for abstract pieces. I just love the trickery with light and dark.
ez Drawing, Charcoal
al mismo tiempo
Noise Drawing, Charcoal
Alex This was one of the first drawings I did right when I took drawing back up. I needed some inspiration, so I looked in my history book and found a picture of Alexander the Great. I chose Alexander the Great because he was a great thinker who valued cultural diversity and peace. This is my depiction of the sculpture of him that I found.
melanie Drawing, Charcoal
pazwin Drawing, Charcoal
ancientroyalty Daily Charcoal drawing
ToonDiepstraten Drawing, Charcoal
Angel Two Charcoal angel quite random.
bvr Drawing, Charcoal
Apocolypse Abstract 18x24 charcoal pencils
WhiteLucidity Drawing, Charcoal