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" A dark day to remember" In May, 2009;The people of Gbaramatu kingdom woke up in the wee hours of the morning to military invasion of their peaceful fishing settlements and villages,leaving innocent men,women and children including these ones captured in this painting displaced and orphaned without hope of survival.To those that survived it became the darkest day of...
judekrane Drawing, Pastel
"fallen birch" So much behind this piece of art... its very big actually, the dimesions are maybe three and a half feet in width and four and a half in height. I almost tore this in half when i first finished it but decided i needed some proof of work for my art class. When my teacher put it up on the classroom wall i told him that it made me want to die...
allisonkg Drawing, Pastel
A media luz
kava Drawing, Pastel
a moment of race this painting capture a moment from culture in which cemals can be seen racing towards the finsh line which consedered to be the matter of bright in our culture and i tried to capture this moment in my painting.
Tags: culture
a7med1987 Drawing, Pastel
A project about intercultural cooperation Greece
aimtg Drawing, Pastel
A Rosy Picture :) The strength of a Rose. A reality or only a symbol?
awaqeel Drawing, Pastel
a women
salma86 Drawing, Pastel
A World of Technology
cheryl20 Drawing, Pastel
adele Drawing, Pastel
Age A pastel of a beautiful aged woman. Her expression is emotional and speaks to the viewer without saying a word.
ckelleher Drawing, Pastel