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Untitled (FACE) Acrylic on canvas 18x24 inches<br /><br /><br /><br /> This Piece is based on several different people, but takes on the face of one man. He is in the midst of an emotional struggle. He is surrounded by blue light which represents ancestors spirits (significant people in his life). trying to make a conncection with him and act as his guiders....
Keina Painting, Acrylic
Flower Dish I created this on a special occasion for my grandmother. It was on a sunny day and we sat together in the kitchen with sunlight shining brightly :)
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
Organum 9 Visions on the spirituallity of this instrument sound
cerejido Painting, Acrylic
IN-DIOS ZUPO Indians and in god ! in Dios
ZUPO Painting, Acrylic
"Peace" "Peace" Universal Mother
jackiehaltom Painting, Acrylic
Chord Total harmony. Voices singing, blending their energies in a single moment of eternal power: The power of the rising light of sound. The birth of Music. The creation of Life. Voices injecting that energy together into the night of our existence just to be alive. No walls. Only beauty...Have you ever "heard" that light?...1999, acrylic / paper. 51...
cerejido Painting, Acrylic
soul in front Every thing flows out from the one centre within us!
hufata Painting, Acrylic
Food for thought Yes this cat is hungry! and the meal just swam by
bledsoeart Painting, Acrylic
On the mic This is a work of art that belongs to a six panel piece composition, derived from a self portrait formed from color. I took two sheets of paper, which had some old Rhymes that I had wrote down long ago, and placed them under a microphone. I then used the scene as a still life, and painted from there. It is a reflection of me through my...
JamesGallardo Painting, Acrylic
Ibibio Guitarist The painting I am carrying in the picture it titled "IBIBIO GUITARIST." It is acrylic on canvas. The dimensions are 87cm x 107cm. At its bottom there is a plaque with the inscription: "Ibibio Guitarist Unemployment in Africa, is just like playing on invisible guitar, whose deluge of despondent strings, never really matter. Unenjoyment in...
udofia Painting, Acrylic