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"Birds of the Blue Mountain"
falco Painting, Acrylic
"Boom - Our Tree" Depicting the pollution that we exhaust everyday, the cars, the factories, and the weapons of war, and how they destroy our world.
Tags: bomb, tree, pollution
timlam Painting, Acrylic
"Boom - OurTree" Depicts the pollution that we cause with our advanced weapons of war, destroying the world we live in. The "caution" tape shows the point at which we should be aware of and not pass.
Tags: tree, bomb, pollution
timmylam Painting, Acrylic
"My people and the great divide" There is a great divide joined only by millions of crude oil pipes that milks us dry and runs through our livelyhood to the development of another that is so far away,so far away that it cannot be reached. We wait and hope in silence amidst poverty and obscurity. My Niger -Delta await.
judekrane Painting, Acrylic
"Peace" "Peace" Universal Mother
jackiehaltom Painting, Acrylic
"wildlife" Acrylic Painting on a Canvas
MansiI Painting, Acrylic
"Women of Wisdom"
Ranna Painting, Acrylic
gundy93 Painting, Acrylic
11th Incarnation Of Lord I love to belive that CANADIANS are most peace loving people with higher knowledge both physical & spiritual, never heard of making any conflict and who loves freedom at all levels I believe my thoughts and concepts coincide with every free and peace loving true CANADIAN. Along with I being GLOBALLY I AM PROUD TO BE CALLED A CANADIAN.
Tags: lords 11th incarnation
crgujjar Painting, Acrylic
3 Elegant Divas Three Elegant Divas of mixed ethnicities enjoying friendship
shano Painting, Acrylic