Submissions (831)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
LimoreTwena Painting, Oil
adele Painting, Oil
Winter Candle Lighted Candle standing near <br /> the frozen window... <br /> Symbol of a Jew knocking on the <br /> world. . <br /> Light of Faith. <br /> Light of...
Igor Painting, Oil
Man and Earth This peice represents pure enjoyment for life and freedom. It depicts a man under the warmth of the sun being one with the strength of nature.
e-phillip Painting, Oil
Woman with sphere This peice can mean what ever emotion or thought it envokes on each individual on a personal level. It depicts a woman holding a sphere. One impression of this peice is that it is symbolic of an uncertain future for our planet, and the sorrow felt by mother earth.
e-phillip Painting, Oil
Sleipner The work "Sleipner" is oil on canvas, 100x81cm Please visit my site for more pictures at the address:
jesp Painting, Oil
arunas Painting, Oil
Road to Jerusalem Winds always blowing across the road to Jerusalem, have brought a sprout of the Menorah-tree, Seven branches of which are always oriented to the Purpose, Jerusalem.
Igor Painting, Oil
Bird-Man at the Beach oil on canvas, 49,2x39,4 inch, 1993
heiste Painting, Oil
Impenetrable 4 oil on canvas, 35,4x35,4 inch, 1995
heiste Painting, Oil