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medicine woman
catdasha Painting, Oil
Pretty Fish
Lesunchik Painting, Oil
The Coming of The Summer This work means one of the ukranian folk tradition, when people were celebrated the coming of the summer and called it "Zeleni svyata"
Tags: field
Lesunchik Painting, Oil
''The Beginning of the End" This maiden in tears, happens to be one amongst thousands of others being forced into early marriage and consequent genital mutilation[circumcision]. All in the name of custom and tradition. The native urhobo man of Niger Delta see no wrong in this barbaric and selfish act, but everything about it is absurd and dehumanising to me; hence this...
judekrane Painting, Oil
Zebra Effect
cornelia Painting, Oil
02.Untitled Artist Shefqet Avdush Emini Oil painting on vanvas Figurative abstract expressionism
shefqetemini Painting, Oil
benbay Painting, Oil
MOUNTAIN VIEW Mountain View (Available on Order) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Painting, Oil
my rose our environment means alot to us
sospeterson Painting, Oil
sorry sir after march effects of any thing we say sorry
sospeterson Painting, Oil