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"Hasad"! "Hasad" in Arabic means to have a bad feeling against someone who has something you don't have. In Arabic folklore, we bring something called "bokhur", which is a smoke with a good smell, as a prevention from "Hasad". In this cartoon, the world's number 1 pollutant says: Hey world, we are just making some "bokhur" to avoid "hasad"!
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"M" Dragon Ball Z Like the inscription on this work, this work is very personal to me and special too. This friend of mine is quite a great artist and I quite appreciate his gift or what someone else will call talent. His work is my first here and also this second. From now, you'll be seeing mine. Tribute and thanks to a dear friend, "Bambolino di Siciliano".
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20 % increase in salaries! In summer 2005, the Egyptian government decided to increase the salaries of the public-sector workforce by 20 %. However, the prices increased dramatically, not allowing those poor employees to enjoy this slight increase in their salaries.
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A century of information society In that new world we are living,information technology became the main base for such a world...
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A Child in each one of us The image was created by the young people with the purpose of showcasing their creative skills to their community and role comics play in their day to day lives.
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A Culture of Violence To be different is to be evil, odd, the enemy... I might be speaking another language,having another culture, religion, or belonging to another ethnic group but does that make me ugly, evil? And unfortunately, some streams of ideas are promoting such a culture of violence and intolerance - like Huntington and Fukoyama, who believe that wars,...
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