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jenergy Markers
Grasping Peace
sonyaf Markers
Catch the Sun I was at the Doves concert with Susheela, and the music was so deep when heard live that my head simply filled with images. This is one of them (thought of during the song by the same title), and I manifested it as a gift to my dad on his birthday.
Karis Markers
Kick I was trying to show this man's negative and positive energy, making it flow from where he was directing his power. It's not hard to explain, but it takes a while. Anyway, you probably get it just from looking at this drawing. <br /> <br /> I named him Thalamos for unknown yet Greek-inspired reasons.
Karis Markers
Computer network I like to be in community
leo520 Markers
tagging home flexible tipped marker,about 4x8 inches.
gestureman Markers
Caring World
Peace in the World
Peace and Love