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eugeen Markers
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suiwing Markers
A beutiful house-Inside This is a house, that has a computer table, windows, photo frames on the walls, the door, the television...
suiwing Markers
A Picture of Peace
abstact full not in the corner reads: as i walk through the valley in the shadow of death i shall fear no evil.
bvr Markers
Arviat 2 Arviat 2
Tags: climate change, nunavut
mbickley Markers
Authoritarian Parents have control over their children.
mataeus Markers
Balance On Earth In my picture I have a balance scale. On one side of the scale I have an earth growing out of dirt representing the environmental aspect of life. On the other side I have an earth with cars, trucks, etc. Neither side weighs the other out. The trick is finding the balance between satisfying the human needs and the environment. You need balance...
HaremA Markers
Bottle of Life i believe that even when the worst things happen to us, something good will happen... and what i want to express is that once the bad things are over, good things will happen..
Tags: bottle, hearts, splash, hope, love, live
qianyimelia Markers
Calligraphy Arabic words meaning "the pen" written by hand and repeated over the medium used.
Tags: pen, calligraphy, arabic
zghannawi Markers