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Not Fade Away These flowers are so beautiful. This photo was taken at Edwards Gardens. Sometime ago, at the time I was living in Kitchener and I had visited thanks to my parents. But I wasn't about to go here without a roll of film. I still want this one as a poster.
lisajh Photography, Colour
Rock Point - Ontario, Canada, August 2001 Camping beside the lake at Rock Point. The setting sun casts Autumn light across the sky, scattering evening shadow through the clouds.
Jarra Photography, Colour
Happy Indian School Girls These school girls enjoy going to school, learning how to read and write, Hindi, Mathematics, etc. Their education is being enabled through their father's earning in Dubai. In their village you hardly see any fathers, since almost all of them have a job far away from home.
Bernanderl Photography, Colour
On the Path to the Future These photos depict the work Leben und Lernen in Kenia (Live and Learn in Kenya) is doing in the heart of the Rhonda slums in Nakuru. The Rhonda slums has a very high rate of HIV/AIDS in Nakuru. We cater to the children's primary needs: food, water, health, and education.
Brique Photography, Colour
Inter...Everything Inter...Conection - Interconex
MateusFernandes Photography, Colour
Nunca Más Esta foto fue tomada desde el interior de uno de los centros de detención clandestinos que funcionaron durante al última dictadura militar en Argentina (1976-1983). Desde la ventana de lo que hoy son las ruinas del mirador de una casa fenomenal frente al mar, puede verse el testimonio de los hijos de aquellos hombres y mujeres jóvenes que...
marianaballestero Photography, Colour
Village Hut This is the Hut in a Village name Guduru ( Near Machlipatnam ) in India.
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
Village Construction workers Village construction workers , removing the tree, which is on the line of the wall which need to be Built. This is the typical Village worker's costumes. This picture is taken in a Village by name Guduru , 6 Km form Machlipatnam in Andhrapradesh ( India )
Anumukonda Photography, Colour
egyptia kharoob (ceratonia) flowers beautiful colored flowers of kharoob. The trees grow in Egyptian desert . fruits are long brown with brown seeds inside. rich food value &delicious. used also as cold drink: method put cuts fruits with sugar in pan on fire without water and let them till dark brown add water and boil put it in ref. till cold
DrBadr Photography, Colour
:: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: :: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: A Special shoot took at Dhaka, Bangladesh Medium Used: Digital Camera Original Size: 1200*1600 Pixel
akzaman Photography, Colour