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Travelling in Northern Kenya

Posted on Mar 29, 2007  |   1828 views  

...and believe it or not this contraption actually moves! Until a few years ago,lorries were the only way of travelling up northern Kenya.Transport arrangements were a nightmare;you spoke to a broker who spoke to the lorry driver who then would inform the broker about the departure day and then the broker would inform you,then you would finally leave.The process might take a week because it all depended on the availability of goods to be ferried.It was so bad that when I was younger my GREATEST desire was to buy my own lorry someday.When I think about it now I find the whole idea absolutely comical (but not when I had to experience it as a necessity)! I have always felt that sepia gave character to a picture,and this case it(together with the content of the photo) makes me think of how much distance we have to cover in the race towards being a developed country.There is a bottomless abyss between the haves and have nots.


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