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Simran Vedvyas I am Simran Vedvyas I am proud to be a Youth Role Model for thousands of youth- born close to the Millennium; an Indian National and Resident of Dubai - United... read more I am Simran Vedvyas I am proud to be a Youth Role Model for thousands of youth- born close to the Millennium; an Indian National and Resident of Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
 Proud of 'My Moment to Shine', I am the Only Student, One of the only Six from the United Arab Emirates and One of the only Nine from the Middle East Region to carry Olympic Flame as torch bearer at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

 Twice Winner of Both Prestigious Academic Awards of UAE - Sheikh Hamdan Award for Distinguished Academic Performance and Sharjah Educational Award for Academic Excellence I’d say never doubt that an individual thinking that he/she cannot change the world.... because in my opinion the only thing that has changed the world is Inspiring and determined Individuals. 

I am an active environmentalist, a social campaigner & a star student and I have attended over 36 International Conferences, Forums and Events worldwide and traveled to over 2 dozen countries at my young age and I wish to just ask everyone- to better the relationship with themselves and be the Change makers. The youth from all around the world share the same concerns and is passionate for the environment and wishes for safer, just and peaceful world. I am a responsible youth holding over two dozen portfolios with key International Organizations, who have entrusted me to shoulder the responsibility and 'Lead by Example'. 

Founder and Chairperson of SynergY, a youth group working in United Arab Emirates and India I believe that- "We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to decide on how to act". I wish to support and guide many other students and youth to Follow their Dream and promote to build a Peaceful and Sustainable Future.

“We need to act now- We need to share our knowledge- We need to formulate knowledge into wisdom – We need to move forward together and …We need to deliver the vision” Founder and Chairperson SynergY UAE Climate Leader & Ambassador UAE- Climate Reality Leadership Corps by Al Gore Global Youth Advocate MyWorld2015 United Nations Millennium Campaign Earth Charter Coordinator Youth Network Hub-North Africa and Midde East & Country Activator UAE Global Youth Board Member Plant-for-the-Planet 2013-14 Youth Climate Report Country Director UAE Since 2012 TUNZA Eco Generation Regional Ambassador Middle East Rio+20 Brazil -2012 Youth Ambassador Eye on Earth; initiative AGEDI, EAD supported UNEP Alexis Society Chapter Co ordinator Dubai UAE & Chairperson Plant A Tree Spokesperson & Ambassador Cosmo Foundation (an NGO with Education Initiative) India and UAE Public Relations Officer (PRO)- Worldview Mission, WM Youth Ambassador to UN Children Of The Earth Chapter Leader UAE & N. India International Youth Council Chairperson for Chapter United Arab Emirates and Global Social Media Content Creator Peace Ambassador Emerging Futures Youth Network- USA Ambassador Connect for Diabetes- Raise your Hands for Africa and Middle East Brand Ambassador Protect Your Mom - Breast Cancer Awareness Ambassador Cartoona Club & Student Member Emirates Environmental Group IUCN Task Force Building Bridges Rio+20 to Beyond Attended 3 days Youth Assembly at United Nations 2013 and Panelist at UN HQ on International Youth Day Speaker at Eye on Earth Summit - Participated in Hypothetical conducted by Sir Geoffrey Robertson and 14 Leading Environmentalists 2011 Delegate 6th World Water Forum France 2012 Official Delegation - First World Energy Forum Dubai UAE 2012 UNFCCC Doha COP18 United Nations Climate Change Conference Qatar 2012

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