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Posted on Jan 15, 2014  |   1536 views  

As a person who walks an extra mile to help and stands up for the rights of children; Simran pledged to collect 1000 pairs of shoes for the impoverished patients especially children suffering from Diabetes in Africa and Middle East, in 2010 through her campaign "Connect for Diabetes- Share Your Shoes". She successfully collected over 1500 pairs of shoes in less than a month; sent and distributed through US-AID AMPATH to Centre in Eldoret Kenya, Africa- November 2010. She visited Kenya to meet the officials in December 2010. As said by His Excellency Nelson Mandela, "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb". She took help of her school to collect used and new shoes from the entire school community, local media Gulf News Friday Magazine carried a news article where she published her email contact and she was surprised to see so many people contact her - the collection kept adding. Face book served as a platform to connect also. The Shoes still kept coming in so in July 2011, she dispatched 42 cartons containing 1500 pairs to Uganda. She has stood up for the support of impoverished children suffering from Diabetes in Africa and during her vacation and school time also; she has ensured not only to collect the shoes but also get them well distributed so that the children can be saved from amputation of foot.She was awarded CITIZENSHIP AWARD 2011 in her school. The drive continued and on the 40th National Day of United Arab Emirates -- Together for Diabetes Walkathon was organized with " RAISE YOUR HANDS FOR AFRICA", message and aim to wear a wrist band and walk 3 kilometers to create awareness and the 5th largest pharmaceutical company in the world-Abbott International committed to print Diabetes Monitoring Diaries for patients in Africa. Simran was chosen Student Ambassador for the event. Alongside, Samsung Electronics- world leader in Electronics nominated and chose Simran to be the Torch Bearer for the Olympic Torch Relay London 2012 Olympics, London in appreciation of the extra mile she walks to help others. She did the run on 18th June 2012 in United Kingdom. Offering Service to the Missionaries of Charity and dying destitute patients during her summer vacation since last 5 years has been creditable. She makes valuable collections throughout the year and donates them in form of toys, formula milk, medicines etc and also spends time with children in the Missionaries of Charity Center. The children eagerly wait for her to come and her presence puts a smile on faces of many. Her voluntary and welfare participation in various drives and support to Dubai Cares and education initiatives, WWF, Terry Fox Run, Breast cancer walks add on. She is an active member of Round Square organization and Best Buddies; and follows developing and implementing IDEALS ( International Understanding, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service ). As Role model for Pratham India she spent time to lead the group of over 3000 children registered during the event and offered to help the center administration in the registration. She also participated with the children in their different activities and used her communication skills to speak to some parents and media and effectively contributed in the direction to change and express that each child is talented and for excellence the winners need to work hard and must be guided and supported by their parents; She took part in the 'Signature Campaign'

United Arab Emirates

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