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Rural Japan

Posted on May 18, 2005  |   2798 views  

There is a great similarity between Bangladeshi and Japanese village. The villagers are very simple in mind, emotional to take care guest with the total heart. When I was going to the village, I could not understand from the car, where I am; in town or village. I thought I am somewhere in countryside area. After arrived by walking through the village road I try to compare and try to find the different between Bangladeshi and Japanese village. Here all farmers have car, tractor, pickup to carry crop but in Bangladesh most of all don’t have. Communication infrastructure very strong, all road is the mini version of high way, always moves the car and no traffic, every body follows driving laws, even though don’t have any traffic police . In the village have also Internet connectivity, telecommunication and power facilities. All young people don’t have “pasocon” < Japanese terminology of computer >, but have private car and mobile phone. The old people are very religious and traditional to take care ancestral culture. In their face has touch of spiritual power and self confidence. Villagers like natural food, don’t destroy the natural beauty/ color of food by using spice or too much boiling. They just don’t eat, they enjoy also food beauty. Most important matter, there is middle man exploitation, digital divide. In village also have big shopping center and community service center and all facilities of citizen life.


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